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We Don't Want to Just Replace Your Hot Water Heater, We Want to be Your Hot Water Solution Speci

Anyone with a plumbing license can come in and simply replace your hot water heater with an identical unit. And honestly, sometimes that can be the very best solution for you and your family. However, it should never be done without looking at all the available solutions. It can be the opportunity to save a ton of money, or solve a hot water issue, or to simply lessen your environmental footprint.

To start with, there are currently multiple tax breaks, rebates, and credits available to you depending on whether you are using electricity, natural gas, propane, or oil to heat your water. Fuel switching can be expensive and can lengthen your payback time substantially. Next, you need to evaluate your use. Someone who is retired in a smaller home versus someone with a family of 6 in a large home bring many different solutions for heating hot water.

Currently, there are a myriad of methods:

Tankless Heaters - Great for larger families and heavy users. No standby energy waste and continuos hot water on demand. The pitfall is expense and also sometimes the length of time it takes for water to get hot at the faucet. There are federal tax credits for them and some manufacturer rebates right now.

Hybrid Electric Heat Pumps - Great for average households with open cellars and existing 240v power. These units can cut your water heating costs by 2/3 and also help dehumidify your basement. They have 10 year warranties in most cases and are carrying a $600 rebate currently.

Crossover Gas Units - I just had my first opportunity to install one of these units from HTP, an American manufacturer in Massachusetts. These combine the efficiency of a tankless gas unit with the benefits of tank storage. They are in excess of 95% efficient. Costs are in line with most tankless heaters. No wait time for hot water and huge production rates.

Indirect Hot Water Heaters - These units use the existing boiler in your home to produce hot water and store it efficiently. They don't carry rebates, but are a great solution to high demand households, especially ones with high efficiency boilers.

The point of all this is to tell you not to just replace your hot water heater without doing some research. Thats where Bradley and Sons Plumbing comes into play. We can do that research for you and not charge one dime. Ever. We do not charge for creating proposals. We don't charge show up fees, and the price we give you for the job is the price you pay. We don't surprise you with extra charges and the end of the job. And if it's easier for you, we accept all major credit cards for payment.

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