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Energize CT increases heat pump style hot water heater rebate to $600

This is great news for my customers that need a new electric hot water heater. 2017 brought an increase in the rebate from $400 to $600 for these very efficient hot water heaters. These heat pump style hot water heaters are a fantastic way to lower your electric bill and work as a direct replacement for your existing electric hot water heater. As a secondary benefit, they also act like a dehumidifier in your basement and will help dry out moisture issues. I have customers with these units installed that have cut their electric bill by more than $30-50 a month. The payback is often under 2 years, especially with the increase in rebate.

You can contact me directly for a free estimate to replace your hot water heater. I never charge to provide you with a quote for installation of your hot water heater. You can reach me at 860.365.9450 by either call or text. Also by email at

Please take a minute to look at the website from Energize CT on the improved rebate for hot water heaters

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